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more traffic

Websites featuring videos enjoy 40% more organic search traffic


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80% of online shoppers would choose video to get information on a product rather than read text


more sales

Companies using marketing videos grew 50% faster in revenue than companies without videos

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Go to your e-commerce website. Copy your product listing's URL and paste it into Oxolo. We'll summarize your unique selling points into a video script.


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Oxolo does all the heavy lifting – writing and storyboarding, as well as adding the right actor, voice-over, music, and imagery. Full video production in minutes.


Final Polish

You're still the one in charge! Our studio editor gives you the power to swap the actor, voice, images, and more. Perfecting your video script is a breeze.


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Download and share it to your product page, website, or social media. Watch your SEO ranking go up and your revenue skyrocket.

Give your video the final touch

For many, videos created by Oxolo’s AI are ideal on the first shot, while some like to give it a bit more polish. That's why Oxolo comes with a user-friendly editor that lets you change voices, actors, music, the script, and images.

Don’t just take our word for it.

E-commerce sellers with beta access to Oxolo are loving it

“I never have the time or money to work on videos. These videos are super professional and yet so easy to make and affordable.”

Benjamin, Amazon Tech Seller

“I uploaded a video made with Oxolo on my Amazon listing and saw my SEO ranking go up"

Liam, Retail Arbitrage Seller

“I posted my new videos to my social media and traffic went up. Millennials don't want to read, they just want to watch.”

Adriana, E-Commerce seller

We tried other solutions, they just didn’t compare

Traditional Film Production

Requires actors, sets, equipment

Takes weeks to process

Working with expensive third

Meticulous edits for minor details

Filmed footage is final

Online Video Maker

No actors to sell your features

No emotion on your product

Not designed to conquer Amazon

No assistance script-writing

Not that easy - Low R.O.I.

Ready in one click

Writes the script for you

Does the filming for you

Engaging videos with a
human face

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