Oxolo is virtualizing people

Pioneering in Artificial Intelligence

We are virtualizing people by creating AI-powered chatbot avatars indistinguishable from reality and ready to engage and communicate.

Our avatars can impersonate any human or character and are contextually, visually and audibly identical. They can hold a conversation and replicate a real two-way communication. They even remember what you said last week. Our complete tech stack is based on the latest research and developments in artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Through our platform we are developing several products to leverage our technology and blend artificial intelligence into digital entertainment products.

Reinventing Entertainment

With over 20 years of experience in the gaming and entertainment industry, our mission is to innovate.

We aim to elevate the user experience to a new and magical form of engagement. Our products create an emotional relationship between humans and avatars and deliver a radically new digital encounter.