Our Products

santa-logo combines state-of-the art technology with Christmas magic! Users can create personalized Santa videos using natural language processing, text-to-speech, and computer vision.


TeddAI is artificial intelligence that brings your imagination to life! This technology can connect our conversational AI pipeline into a variety of different toy products. The possibilities to spark creativity and imaginative play become virtually endless, creating a bond between children and their favorite toys that is sure to last a lifetime!


Video content for businesses in just one click

Create Video

Including a video on a website or social media can increase conversions by 80%! But creating video content is expensive and time consuming. That's where Vime comes in. Vime learns from your website and online data to generate a personalized video with Al actors presenting your products and services.

Translate Video

Let your video content reach international audiences with Vime’s video translation and lip-sync technology.