Why You Should Trust AI Generated Video

August 17, 2022

It’s faster, easier, and more affordable than traditional filmmaking, but is it better?

Video finally killed the radio star. People love watching videos, and top social media apps like Instagram and Twitter are racing to convert from still-media focused platforms to multimodal in response to the success of short, simple videos. 

Video marketing usage has increased across the board. Customers are only ready to buy a product when they understand what it is and why they need it, and visuals are processed 60,000 times faster in the brain than text. Every extra second your customer spends trying to learn about your product is a chance for them to get bored, distracted, or uninterested in moving forward. 

Therefore, advertisers for everything from home goods to social services are looking to create video introductions and ads that break the ice and hook potential customers faster. 

The shocking statistics led Forbes to declare video the future of content marketing: 

  • Video is projected to claim more than 80% of  all web traffic
  • Adding video to marketing emails boosts click-through rate up to 300% 
  • 90% of customers said that product videos help purchasing decision
  • Mobile video consumption on Youtube grows by 100% every year 
  • 64% of customers are more likely buy after watching videos 
  • 33.3% of all time spent online is spent watching videos

Video has been around for decades, but all of sudden, we’ve got crystal clear HD recording and viewing capabilities in our pocket, and consumers are hooked. 

80 million new videos are uploaded to youtube, every single month. If you want to keep up with the modern market, you’ve got to have the right video marketing campaign behind roll out. 

Many Amazon advertisers are ready to take the new era of advertising by the reins and make video marketing a serious part of their pitch. But there’s just one problem: We’re marketers, not directors. 

You’ll spend hundreds of hours mapping out a business plan, securing the right permits, narrowing down the logistics, and prepping for a nerve wracking launch. Now you’re telling me that in addition to all that, you’ve got to spend a few weeks tinkering with soundbites and trying to produce a video as captivating as your product!?

The Real Costs of traditional video making

  • $250 an hour for a seasoned video production professional
  • $100 an hour for a script writer capable of adapting your keywords onto the screen 
  • $500 an hour for an actor who can transfer the right emotions alongside your product
  • $225 an hour for any special effects
  • $400 an hour for studio rental
  • $200 an hour for a director who knows how to control the set
  • $75 an hour for video edit service provider worth their salt
  • $1,000 for a day’s rental of the basic high quality recording equipment
  •  $200 an hour for B-roll footage 

All in, that can easily add up to thousands of dollars spent producing a 2 minute video, and we didn’t even include craft services. 

So… Why Trust AI Generated Video? You can’t Afford Not to!

If you’re ready to take your advertising to the next level but are not ready to invest in thousands of dollars of recording equipment, you’re not alone. A high tech studio, immense camera equipment, and a full-time editorial team will surely boost your product, but very few businesses have that kind of budget, and these days, you just don’t need the expense. 

While AI generated video might not be ready for super bowl advertising campaigns, the speed, efficiency, and effectiveness of the tool for short spotlights or product introductions is a no-brainer. Instead of spending weeks mapping out a 30 second explainer video, new technology allows you to finish off your project in a few clicks, giving you more time to focus on locking down your strategy for growth and selling your product. 

 it's completely reasonable to be a bit skeptical. AI has come a long way, but are they really ready to take on video making? Let’s put your mind at ease with a few more reasons why you can ditch the studio and let AI software take care of the grunt work for you. 


AI generated Video Gives you marketing content with no experience necessary

Our technology lets you breathe a bit of life into your webpage in just one click. AI technologies like Oxolo’s automated pipeline will scan through every word on your website, send it through desired filters, and sort through it all to pull out keywords and imagery. The result is a polished script vocalized by our AI actors, and that’s only step one! 

Next, the program pairs the images on your product listing with eye-catching media sourced from our vast stock footage libraries that highlights your product without the need for shooting B-roll. The computer combines the script and imagery to create hundreds of versions of your script before settling on the very best way to get your message across. 

Before the final cut, the AI pairs the footage with exciting motion graphics, quality transitions and upbeat background music that keeps the viewer interested. Et voila! In ten minutes and one click, you’ll have a finished product ready for the marketplace.

AI generated Faces are built to be trustworthy

Building trust in your product is an essential block in encouraging potential customers to head to the buy box. That’s half of the reason for bringing video content to your website in the first place, it builds confidence faster than any other advertising methods. 

Viewers retain 95% of a message when they watch it in a video compared to 10% when reading it in a text, and the storytelling ability of video allows you to attach emotion and excitement to your product that other forms of interaction just can’t bring.

You only have a few seconds to reel customers in. Thanks to our brains lightning fast emotional processing center, we decide whether or not a message is trustworthy before we even begin to understand what it’s about, and that decision is all based upon the face of the advertisement. 

AI programs have also figured that out, and can fine-tune their generated faces to build trust fast. They’re getting so good that A recent study found Humans can find AI-generated faces more trustworthy than the real thing.

The AI actors who work with Oxolo all broadcast friendly, welcoming demeanours while introducing your product to potential customers. You could spend all week in the studio and still not quite capture just the right look, but our program is curtailed to get your message across using proven acting methods that relax the viewer and pique their curiosity. 

AI software Understands Ai software

It’s no secret that SEO optimization and curtailing your entire marketing strategy towards appeasing the algorithms is in style. What better way to take advantage of computer learning than to take the power in your own hands. 

Our AI systems understand your unique buying proposition and turn it into a search engine, and human being, optimized content ready to sell. SEO marketing is an essential part of your advertising strategy, but it can be a slog to monitor keywords and keep track of changes to the system.

Trust in the right software to understand the algorithms better than any script writer could and weaponize keywords to improve your seller rating.  

AI generated Video can constantly update

Things are changing faster than ever. Keep ahead of the curve with customized videos that will never be set in stone. Say you slightly rebrand and change your products colors, or upgrade software within your tool that boosts the performance. 

 If you want to broadcast new updates to your product or shift up a few details, there is no need to call the production team back into the warehouse and make sure everyone is wearing the same shirts as last week. 

Instead, you can spend five minutes in the Oxolo studio, or simply re-copy and paste your url and our algorithm will crank out entirely new content. Our program is as malleable and flexible as it is fast. 

Nobody makes it easier to trust AI than Oxolo!

It all adds up to this simple truth: AI generated video is the easiest way to bring video to the Amazon marketplace. Yet still, many advertisers are still on the fence. AI technologies have come a long way in an incredibly quick time period, and computer processes can’t drive a car yet, so it’s tough to expect AI to replace an entire production team.

 Luckily, you can get a great taste of a real AI video maker without making tough commitments. 

We’ve eliminated the risk of making the switch by generating your next Amazon advertisement in a few minutes - no credit card required. The whole process is so fast, you can try it now! 

 In just a click of a button, you’ll have a complete preview video that’s ready to head to your product page. Download the file and have it on your webpage by this afternoon, or head to the Oxolo studio and tinker around with your personalized content using our intuitive user interface. 

 No robot is going to be competing for an Oscar anytime soon, but our AI has cracked the amazon code and is committed to bringing engaging video to every product listing on the marketplace.