AI Responsibility

Since the dawn of artificial intelligence our society has undergone dramatic changes shaped by it. Our world is crisscrossed with a multitude of AI applications invisibly woven into the fabric of our daily life.

Albeit innovative technologies employing AI have the potential to save humanity with intricate solutions they also pose risks. Decision-making power ceded to AI-driven machines, data bias, opaque algorithms, autonomous weapons, predictive policing are all only a fragment of AI’s scope and bring a tidal wave of serious challenges and ethical ramifications with it.

Biased training data

A core problem we have identified is biased training data sets for AI and the questions arising from it.

How do we define bias? How do we know if a data set is unbiased? Can we clean training data of bias? How can we create a global standard? We want to answer those questions and have founded to take responsibility.

Data Protection

All data is stored securely, encrypted and according to GDPR. Oxolo’s servers are located in the EU. AI quality assurance ensures users are never confronted with explicit content and hate speech. We also collaborate with the world’s leading AI security experts and guarantee only user friendly, age appropriate content.