Team and Culture

Oxolo was founded in 2020 in Hamburg, Germany, but our team is all from over the world and consists of world-class computer scientists with hundreds of scientific publications and numerous PhDs.

We are a truly diverse and international team with over 15 nationalities and 20 languages spoken. We are creating a great culture so great talent chooses us and stays with us, because we believe our greatest asset is amazing people. Great culture enables people to be their best. It empowers them to put a valuable product in the hands of millions of users leading to profitable growth. We believe that with continuous awareness for cultural developments we can provide an environment to foster greatness and where exceptional talents can prosper.


Our values always stand at the forefront, namely: a high level of security, a transparent manner of conducting business, a cosmopolitan view of the world and, most importantly, a great love of the work we do!

Our values are the foundation of our culture at Oxolo. They guide us on how we work as a team, how we build our product, whom we hire, and how we’ll reach our vision. Our core values are ownership, positivity, respectfulness, integrity, and being result-oriented.

Meet the Team